Fussie Cat Bentonite 10L-Lanvender

Fussie Cat Bentonite 10L-Lanvender

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• This is our scented litter and is very popular with cat owners who want a clumping, low tracking litter with no mess.
• Formula used produces an excellent result that prevents moisture from reaching the bottom of the tray.
• It’s your perfect choice for your family cat or multi-cat families with superior odor control

Why Fussie Cat Litter :

  •  Economical
  • Highly absorbent
  • Hard clumping
  • Low tracking
  • 99.9% dust free
  • Lasts longer
  • Ccoopable
  • Tougher on odors & easier on your cat

1. Fill your clean litter box with 3 to 4 inches of Fussie Cat Litter. For best results, do not mix with non-clumping cat litter.
2. Fussie Cat Litter quickly forms a clump around liquid waste. Remove clumps and solids daily and dispose in trash. Do not flush. The rest of the litter stays fresh.
3. Add more Fussie Cat Litter to refresh your litter box each time you scoop. Maintain level of litter at 3 to 4 inches. Once a month empty entire litter box. Dispose of contents in trash.